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Prior to 2011 I had a blog by the same name that listed 1,000s of blogs by category and country.

For some inexplicable reason, Google, in its infinite wisdom, lost/closed/deleted my account. I lost more than four years of blogging.

I have continued blogging, but this time on Wordpress, this will be my only blog on Blogspot. I hope to resurrect what I had.

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Saturday, 3 November 2012

A New, but Prolific Blogger

Fractal Tree
Tony's Posts of Hypnotic Suggestion is a new blog, by admission in his latest post only 29 weeks old; in fact he hadn't read a blog until three months ago. All of which makes the quality of his posts even more dramatic. The posts are long, thoughtful and well worded, but appear to have a level of spontaneity about them.

The posts are varied, not doing random, red wine hiccups, Cataluña, Quantum Determinism, gate-crashing cells, slaps in the face by wet kippers and many other unique topics; all of which keep you wanting to read more.

In fact I am, at the moment, at a loss as to how to characterise this blog, what heading to put it under. But don't worry, that'll come to me.

As Tony is such a new blogger, this is the ideal place to welcome him to the blogosphere. While the Cafe is still in its infancy, my previous blog had quite a good readership, I am hopeful this version will attract a similar following and therefore add more readers to the blogs presented.

I've decided to park it under Niche Blogs in Library 1 at the moment.

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