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Prior to 2011 I had a blog by the same name that listed 1,000s of blogs by category and country.

For some inexplicable reason, Google, in its infinite wisdom, lost/closed/deleted my account. I lost more than four years of blogging.

I have continued blogging, but this time on Wordpress, this will be my only blog on Blogspot. I hope to resurrect what I had.

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Sunday, 20 January 2013


The Jiggly Bits ...because life is so funny

Can be found here

Found this blog today because she like one of my posts. Truly, this blog is hilarious. Teeny Bikini would have to be amongst the most irreverent bloggers I have ever read without being smutty.

Posts like:

The Only Penis That Turns Me On

Top 6 Reasons Not to Have Kids 

Tales From My Vagina Fridays #3  (yes, there are two other posts)

The alone titles verify what I say.

This blog is a must read


Thursday, 13 December 2012


During my perambulations through the blogosphere I come across many unusual sites. Many of them are foreign newspapers, or English editions of foreign newspapers.

One I came across this afternoon piqued my interest, from Yemen; and I decided that some of these unusual newspapers could well be of interest to others.

A blog list on the front page (for the moment) will have these listed as I find them.

Monday, 10 December 2012

A Damned Good Read

The Gravel Farm is written by The Jules.

I've been wandering and wondering about the world now for over four decades, and think I'm starting to get to grips with it, at least as much as anyone else on the planet.


Empowered by the undimmable glow of self-empowerment, I am a regular frequent blog neglecter endowed with literally some opinions and a ukulele habit that I could give up anytime. If I wanted.

The Jules is a family man and he writes brilliantly. He has been doing so to my knowledge for about four years, maybe more. His posts range from the mundane to the extraordinary, all with a unique touch of The Jules humour.

An example from his latest post.

I was particularly excited by the promise of this sign outside a farm park which suggested we could feed baby felines to cows:
Kittens! Pound a sack! Gerrem while they're mewling!
As it turned out, the kitten sale and animal feeding were separate entities.

Or from this older post called Snippet, a post about his vasectomy results

Dr: "So send us another sample, and we'll see what the results say now. Could just be a blip."
Me (Sighing): "Okay. I'll do one as soon as I've found the La Redoute catalogue."
Dr: "Good. Good. Oh and The Jules?"
Me: "Yes?"
Dr: "Could we ask you to use a specimen jar this time? Don't just send us a sock."
He doesn't shy away from the personal or embarrassing. He is irreverent and down to earth.

This is also a 'must read.'

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Great Photography

All downhill from here

A kite in flight, nice story here too

Andrew is The Perpetrator, now most people have an About page, not Andrew.

"Shortly after my birth Harold Macmillan told the British people they’d never had it so good. I’m sure the events were connected." - Quote from The Perpetrator page.

That should give you an idea of the 'mind set'.

Some of his photos are brilliant, the rest are just great. Just look at the one of the kite, apparently eating a leftover cheeseburger... Well, he said that in the story.

He had the gall to capture this leaf
Actually, one of my favourite photos is the texture of a leaf covered in galls, another brilliant effort; and he complains that he should have upped the F stop a notch.

I'm more a point and hope type, I'm happy if a recognisable image appears. Actually, I do know about F stops and depth of field and stuff, learned it all as a youngster, which is why I like good photography blogs and hence the appearance of this one.

His latest post is a wonderful set, actually three sets, of wading birds.

If you like great photos then go visit.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Another New Handcraft Blog

Such Pretty Canvas

An example from her blog
I have had just a brief look through this blog, but gleaned sufficient to tell me that it belongs here.

Shahrul Niza is from Malaysia and this is her intro:

... I write about my artsy journey, random notes on my beloved cats, flea market junking adventures and my LOVE of all things creative.

 Her step by step posts are well documented with great photos.

An added plus is that she has a big list of other craft blogs on her sidebar

Library 2

Finally, I have got around to making Library 2.

Library 1, will now have the title of Humanities and be people orientated

Library 2 will be Arts, and as such, Handcraft Blogs and Photography Blogs have been moved over there.

Library 3 is the next project...

Saturday, 1 December 2012

An Ex-pat in Indonesia

Lottie Nevin

An account of my life in Indonesia

There that about says it all, doesn't it? Except that it's a well written and very interesting blog by an ex-pat.

Fish Market post

"I’m Lottie and I’ve been living in Indonesia for just over a year. In a previous life I lived and worked in London. I’m half Dutch and half English. I am not a writer, but I love to communicate and so I started this blog primarily as a way of keeping my 5 children... "

"What I hadn’t reckoned on was that others might want to read about what we are getting up to as well. As the weeks and months go by, it’s been very encouraging to gain followers and have people comment. I now follow lots of other blogs too and have consequently discovered the joys of blogging in every sense."

There's a couple of quotes from her 'About' page. 

The subjects that she writes on are many and varied. The one that tickled my fancy initially was called Frightfully British, but I have since read Phish Food, A Chance Encounter with a Penis (I said many and varied), Two Husbands and a Spectacular Waterfall, Curl Up and Dye and Oh My Giddy Aunt! All are great stories and most are liberally sprinkled with great photos... ah except the 'penis' one.

And a quote from a post:

"As it turned out the highlight of my visit to Ulun Danu was not in fact the temple itself, but an extremely diminutive Japanese woman who, when walking past me, let out the most impressive fart that I have EVER heard in my life. Seriously Folks, this fart was not just any old fart, this fart was the LOUDEST and LONGEST I have ever heard. Of course I have never farted in my life, but if I were too, this lady would be an extremely hard act to follow. How anyone so petito could make that amount of noise for so long I have no idea. This was a record breaker and I was mightily impressed."

Never have I heard a fart described so eloquently.

This blog is a 'must visit.'   

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