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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Great Photography

All downhill from here

A kite in flight, nice story here too

Andrew is The Perpetrator, now most people have an About page, not Andrew.

"Shortly after my birth Harold Macmillan told the British people they’d never had it so good. I’m sure the events were connected." - Quote from The Perpetrator page.

That should give you an idea of the 'mind set'.

Some of his photos are brilliant, the rest are just great. Just look at the one of the kite, apparently eating a leftover cheeseburger... Well, he said that in the story.

He had the gall to capture this leaf
Actually, one of my favourite photos is the texture of a leaf covered in galls, another brilliant effort; and he complains that he should have upped the F stop a notch.

I'm more a point and hope type, I'm happy if a recognisable image appears. Actually, I do know about F stops and depth of field and stuff, learned it all as a youngster, which is why I like good photography blogs and hence the appearance of this one.

His latest post is a wonderful set, actually three sets, of wading birds.

If you like great photos then go visit.

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