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Monday, 10 December 2012

A Damned Good Read

The Gravel Farm is written by The Jules.

I've been wandering and wondering about the world now for over four decades, and think I'm starting to get to grips with it, at least as much as anyone else on the planet.


Empowered by the undimmable glow of self-empowerment, I am a regular frequent blog neglecter endowed with literally some opinions and a ukulele habit that I could give up anytime. If I wanted.

The Jules is a family man and he writes brilliantly. He has been doing so to my knowledge for about four years, maybe more. His posts range from the mundane to the extraordinary, all with a unique touch of The Jules humour.

An example from his latest post.

I was particularly excited by the promise of this sign outside a farm park which suggested we could feed baby felines to cows:
Kittens! Pound a sack! Gerrem while they're mewling!
As it turned out, the kitten sale and animal feeding were separate entities.

Or from this older post called Snippet, a post about his vasectomy results

Dr: "So send us another sample, and we'll see what the results say now. Could just be a blip."
Me (Sighing): "Okay. I'll do one as soon as I've found the La Redoute catalogue."
Dr: "Good. Good. Oh and The Jules?"
Me: "Yes?"
Dr: "Could we ask you to use a specimen jar this time? Don't just send us a sock."
He doesn't shy away from the personal or embarrassing. He is irreverent and down to earth.

This is also a 'must read.'

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