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Monday, 29 October 2012

Two Travel Blogs

The first is An Englishman in Italy, An Englishman, his Sicilian wife and an Italian / English Dictionary, which is all pretty self explanatory.

His last two posts are on Marmite, a challenge issued by the next blogger and a Red Cross parcel from Blighty that has all the necessary items for an Englishman to surive. I wish someone would send me one of those...

You will also find things like this:

His first attempt at growing wine trees.

The next blog, I'm not sure if they are ex-pats yet, but describes the adventures in buying a home away from Blighty.

Our Adventure in Croatia

"Having lived most of our lives in a chaotic, cosmopolitan, exciting, attractive, great European capital city like London, we often wondered what if we could own a property abroad, where we could spend lots of holidays and “quality time” in a warmer climate, where the sky is not always grey and overcast." - From the About page.

Stories cover adventures with policemen, taxi drivers and Google's street view car, so there's plenty to read here

That's their house, the one with the red shutters and the washing outside.

Both blogs well worth reading. 


  1. Thank you very much for adding my little blog. For me writing the blog is just a bit of fun and I love the interaction between other bloggers.

    I notice you have added to your blog, I think she is as mad as a hatter but don’t tell her.

    1. Damn, I do that all the time, that was supposed to be a 'rely'.

  2. >englishmanititaly, My pleasure, you are quite right, writing the posts is only half the fun. Mad as a Hatter she maybe, but I love her writing style, almost mercurious.


  3. Hello AV and thank you for welcoming us to your Blogger's Cafe' ! that will be a strong cappuccino with extra espresso shot for me, and a weak milky tea for our friend Pecora Nera over there (he hides behind the pseudonym Englishmaninitaly, but he is really the Black Sheep of the family ;) sorry to hear that you lost all your 4-years worth of blogs thanks to Google, see what they did to our house and my washing!!! I knew they were up to no good! but do not worry, we'll help you recreate some good stories for the next four years beyond, promise, I am definitely having fun in BlogoLand! :) ciao!

    1. >OAiC, late in replying here too; sorry. You're welcome and I look forward to more stories.



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