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Prior to 2011 I had a blog by the same name that listed 1,000s of blogs by category and country.

For some inexplicable reason, Google, in its infinite wisdom, lost/closed/deleted my account. I lost more than four years of blogging.

I have continued blogging, but this time on Wordpress, this will be my only blog on Blogspot. I hope to resurrect what I had.

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Friday, 21 September 2012

I found a blog

I have found a blog worthy of inclusion. It's a strange blog, rather a niche-type called toemail.

Toes from Greece
"Hi and welcome to toemail! We are Quillan and Angela and we started this blog in 2010 after deciding it might be fun to do a mail-in photo blog. We look forward to hearing from you!

toemail is a collaborative photography project featuring original photographs of toes of both genders, from the newborn to the elderly, photographed at outdoor or indoor locations around the globe.

toemail makes the world a better place one foot at a time."

The current posts include photos from New Zealand, Brazil and Croatia. You'll have to check for further afield; who knows, you may have a "toe" photo to add yourself.


  1. yes they've got my toes there already...

    1. >OAiC, haha, they're your Croatian toes... What a coincidence.



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